Jeremy Corbyn ally Barry Gardiner calls for unity and vows to ban fracking

Fracking: 'We're on a pathway to a world in which there are no emissions going up that are then taken down', says shadow energy secretary

Barry Gardiner has called for fracking to be banned (Getty)

Monday, September 26, 2016

A key ally of Jeremy Corbyn has reiterated his criticism of fracking, saying it should be banned in England.

Labour MP Barry Gardiner also says the party should now unite in "attacking the Tories" following Mr Corbyn's re-election as leader.

Gardiner told talkRADIO: "It's very clear that there are technical problems with fracking which give rise to environmental dangers.

"We are irrevocably on a pathway where we will have to have a world in which there are no emissions going up that are then taken down by trees or locked up in the round.

"What fracking does is it would lock us into an infrastructure over the next 35 years, which was an old-fashioned fossil fuel infrastructure, instead of all the jobs and growth that we need which leads to the future of a low carbon technology."

Regarding the aftermath of Mr Corbyn's re-election, Gardiner said: "Let's talk about the Labour party coming back together from a period where we went through an election.

The job that we have in front of us is to attack the government for all the things that they're doing that are damaging people in this country."

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