Jeremy Corbyn ally Peter Dowd says 'we can't compare him Kim Jong-un'

Peter Dowd MP dismisses idea of Jeremy Corbyn 'worship' being in 'North Korean territory'

The MP for Bootle spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer about the Labour Leader's party conference speech

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Peter Dowd MP has dismissed the idea of Jeremy Corbyn enjoying the sort of idolatry usually afford to North Korean dictators.

The Labour leader gave his keynote speech at the Labour Party Conference where he outlined city-wide controls on rent, among other policies. 

The speech was meet favourably, with cheers and chants to praise the Labour leader during his time on stage.

Dowd, the MP for Bootle and shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, was brought onto Julia Hartley-Brewer's show to discuss Labour's plans for the housing market.

During this interview, he was asked if he enjoyed the "worship" of Jeremy Corbyn or was worried it was straying into "North Korean territory."

Dowd dismissed this: "Making comparisons with Jeremy Corbyn and North Korea is pushing it a little bit.

"The bottom line is a lot of people, young people, were very enthused by it. There’s the meat on the bones, there are policies in the manifesto people are enthusiastic about.

"The best part of 600,000 members have voted for a different style or direction of travel. What’s wrong with that?

"If those people want to go in the direction they believe, so be it. If they’re enthused by the policies, great."

Listen above.