Jeremy Corbyn ally tells George Galloway 'purged' supporters should be welcomed back

'We want post-Brexit Britain to be a Labour Britain', says Richard Burgon MP

Jeremy Corbyn (Getty)

Monday, October 17, 2016

A leading supporter of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that those who were barred from voting in the party's leadership election should be given a clean slate.

Shadow justice minister Richard Burgon, who has written several articles in support of Mr Corbyn and claimed to have been "bullied" by his opponents, told George Galloway that many people had lost their vote for trivial offences as part of the "coup" against the Labour leader this summer.

George condemned the "purge" of Mr Corbyn's supporters and Burgon agreed, saying that those who had been punished for supporting the veteran leftist should receive the same clemency as those anti-Corbyn MPs who have been welcomed back into the fold in recent weeks.

Burgon also hailed Mr Corbyn's recent performance on Brexit and said the party is well-placed to make progress in the weeks to come.

"It's been a very successful first week back in Parliament," Burgon said. "I think things are going well - more and more people are realising the members have common sense to re-elect Jeremy Corbyn. 

"We want to ensure that a  post-Brexit Britain is a Labour Britain." 

Listen to the full interview above.