'Jeremy Corbyn and his faction wouldn't let Tony Blair anywhere near Labour - they view him as Satan'

Jeremy Corbyn is trying to say 'it's all lovely and diverse' with the appointment of Dawn Butler, says Telegraph editor

Jeremy Corbyn (Getty)

Friday, October 7, 2016

Tony Blair could lead a breakaway party but has no chance of rejoining Labour, says the Telegraph's Asa Bennett.

The journalist also told Julia Hartley-Brewer that shadow cabinet appointments such as Dawn Butler are merely a sop to diversity and that Ukip could "really carve into Labour heartlands" if they had Steven Woolfe in charge.

Earlier today Blair hinted at a return to frontline politics, but Bennett said that Corbyn and his supporters view the former prime minister as "Satan" and there is no possibility of them allowing him back into the party, despite his electoral success between 1997 and 2010.

He added that by appointing the likes of Butler - who endured a nightmare interview with Julia earlier in her show - Corbyn is trying to say "it's all lovely and diverse", when in reality this is far from the case.

Bennett said of Butler: "There's no person she's actually shadowing, so I would venture that [Corbyn is] just making an extra position so he can say 'look at me, it's all lovely and diverse.'

"[The Steven Woolfe brawl] does raise the question whether he'll still be in the race, and as a result, Ukip would have been ideal if they had Mr Woolfe at the helm to really carve into Labour heartlands, so Labour must be relieved."

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