Jeremy Corbyn and Labour accused of hijacking Grenfell Tower tragedy after Tory councillors 'told to stay away'

Corbyn has been consistently praised for his handling of the Grenfell disaster

Corbyn has been consistently praised for his handling of the Grenfell disaster

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour have been hit with criticism as the council responsible for Grenfell Tower claimed its Tory members had been told to avoid today's service.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) said all elected Tories had been forbidden from attending the service at St Paul's Cathedral, due to what the Bishop of Kensington - which co-ordinated the service at St Paul's Cathedral - described as "ongoing tensions" with the relatives of the Grenfell victims.

Corbyn himself attended the event, along with Theresa May, and has published several messages on social media about the tragedy today, saying "we must ensure that bereaved families and survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have confidence in the public inquiry."

He also released a video message, saying "From Hillsborough to Orgreave, our country has a history of working class people's voices being ignored by those in power. It cannot happen again.

"Many will spend Christmas without a country to call their own. As a country, we owe them much more than that."

The message has been retweeted hundreds of times, and Corbyn has been widely praised - as he has throughout the six months since the fire erupted.

However critics suggested that Corbyn, and Labour, are guilty of turning Grenfell into a political points-scoring exercise to bash the Tories and demonise Theresa May.

One critic wrote that Corbyn "has been using Grenfell for political gains from day one", while many suggested he was less willing to visit Cumbria following the floods which hit the region, in December 2015 and again earlier this year.

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