'Jeremy Corbyn and Labour prefer to protect anti-semitic bigots than their Jewish victims'

Anti-Semitic hate crime report: 'There’s never been a country as safe for Jews as Britain is now', says journalist Stephen Pollard

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn and his inner circle prefer to protect anti-semitic bigots than their Jewish victims, according to the editor of a seminal Jewish newspaper.

Stephen Pollard spoke to talkRADIO about a new report from Jewish charity the Community Security Trust, which found there was a total of 1,309 anti-Semitic incidents in 2016, higher than 2014's previous record of 1,182.   

Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that despite the spike, Britain remains the safest country in the world for Jewish people.

However he added that there is a "political current around at the moment" which apologises for and facilitates anti-semitism, specifically in the Labour party.

"A lot of allies of Jeremy Corbyn, on social media, and in other platforms, and indeed publicly, will come with all kinds of ridiculous anti-semitism and nothing happens," Pollard said.

"Jeremy Corbyn spouts all kinds of stuff about how he's committed to anti-racism and anti-semitism but when it comes to the crunch, nothing happens."

As evidence, he cited Baroness Royall's report into a recent anti-semitic attack at the Oxford University Labour Club, which was put forward to the Labour National Executive and, he claims, dropped. 

"The Labour party felt that it was more important to defend the rights of those bigots than it was to protect the rights of the Jewish students who have been attacked," Pollard continued.

In response, a spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn told talkRADIO:

“Jeremy has consistently spoken out against all forms of anti Semitism and condemned all anti-Semitic abuse, and set up the Charkrabarti inquiry into anti-Semitism and other forms of racism. 

“Its recommendations have already led to far-reaching changes to the rules and practice of the Labour Party. He has also taken decisive disciplinary action over allegations of anti Semitism, including a series of suspensions and exclusions from membership."

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