Jeremy Corbyn attacks ‘rigged’ system in manifesto launch

Jeremy Corbyn launched the manifesto in Birmingham

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to break down a system built by the “rich and powerful” at Labour’s manifesto launch in Birmingham.

The party leader accused the “political establishment” of blocking policies for a generation, in a sustained strike on Britain’s “bankers, billionaires and the establishment”.

“If your wages never seem to go up and your bills never seem to go down, if your public services only seem to get worse, despite the heroic efforts of those who work in them, then it’s not working for you,” he said.

Mr Corbyn said the super-rich “own the Conservative party”, and will do all they can to scupper Labour’s chances of forming government.

“They throw everything they’ve got at us. Because they’re scared of real change. Because they aren’t on your side. A third of Britain’s billionaires have donated to the Conservative Party,” he said.

The 107 page Labour manifesto has laid out a mix of new and already released policies, including free broadband for all homes and businesses.

One newly revealed proposal would be a five per cent pay rise for public sector workers from April 2020.

Labour said this would mark a £1,643 pay increase for the average public sector worker.

On environmental policy the party has stepped back from a pledge made at the Labour conference in September to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Instead it said the UK will be “on track for a net zero carbon energy system within the 2030s”.

A major piece of environmental policy in the manifesto is a £11 billion windfall tax on oil and gas companies that Labour said would help the shift towards a greener economy.

Mr Corbyn said the one-off tax would not cause mass job losses, and could be paid over a series of years.

“A Labour government will ensure the big oil and gas corporations that profit from heating up our planet will shoulder and pay their fair share of the burden with a just transition tax,” he said.

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