Jeremy Corbyn blasts ‘Tory hypocrites’ as he vows to ‘eradicate antisemitism’

Jeremy Corbyn blasts ‘Tory hypocrites’ as he vows to ‘eradicate antisemitism’

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has hit out at “Tory hypocrites” who accused the Labour Party of antisemitism, adding that he would “work with Jewish communities to eradicate antisemitism”.

Speaking at the last day of the Labour Party Conference, Mr Corbyn said: “The next Labour government will guarantee whatever support necessary to ensure the security of Jewish community centres and places of worship, as we will for any other community experiencing hateful behaviour and physical attacks.

“We will work with Jewish communities to eradicate antisemitism, both from our party and wider society.

“And with your help I will fight for that with every breath I possess.

“Anti-racism is integral to our very being. It’s part of who you all are, and it’s part of who I am.”


‘We’re attacked by Tory hypocrites’

Mr Corbyn described members of the Conservative Party as “hypocrites” for attacking  the Labour Party over antisemitism, while “endorsing” Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson received criticism in April for congratulating the Hungarian leader for his re-election, saying it was “highly-inappropriate”.

Campaign groups have raised concern about Mr Orban about “anti-Semitic undertones” in his campaign, for comments about Muslims, and the politician’s attitude towards migrants.

Speaking in Liverpool on Wednesday, Mr Corbyn said: “So conference, we won’t accept it when we’re attacked by Tory hypocrites who accuse us of antisemitism one day, then endorse Viktor Orban’s hard right government the next.

“Or when they say we are racist, while they work to create a hostile environment for all migrant communities.

“We can never become complacent about the scourge of racism. Race hate is a growing threat that has to be confronted.

“Not just here in Britain, but across Europe and the United States. The far right is on the rise, blaming minorities, Jews, Muslims and migrants, for the failures of a broken economic system.”


‘Nasty, cynical politics’

Jeremy Corbyn addresses the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool on Wednesday

Mr Corbyn also accused Prime Minister Theresa May of “nasty, cynical politics”, saying that it “demeans our country”.

He said: “Its victims include the Windrush generation who helped rebuild Britain after the war and were thrown under the bus by a Government that reckoned there were votes to be had by pandering to prejudice.

“The ‘hostile environment’ policies – shameful brainchild of the present Prime Minister – led to the scandal of British citizens being deported, detained and left destitute. That is nasty, cynical politics that demeans our country.”

He added: “And the Tories still haven’t learned. This week they received a letter from the antisemitic and Islamophobic Hungarian government, thanking them for their solidarity, just as the rest of Europe united against it.

“Our Party will never stay silent in the face of growing Islamophobia, whether from the far right on the streets, or the former Foreign Secretary’s disgraceful dog-whistle jibes at Muslim women. Labour will work to bring communities together. It is only through the unity of all our people that we can deliver social justice for anyone.