Jeremy Corbyn: Boris Johnson is a ‘part-time Prime Minister’

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Jeremy Corbyn has launched an attack on Boris Johnson, calling him a “part-time Prime Minister” who “often goes AWOL”.

It was in a despatch box row over the government’s response to the recent flooding that has devastated parts of the country and seen river levels at near record highs.

The Labour leader criticised the Prime Minister for not having visited affected communities personally.

He accused Mr Johnson of being “keen to pose for cameras when there's a crisis on during the general election”, after he visited flood-hit areas last November.

Mr Corbyn added: “Last night schmoozing Tory Party donors at a very expensive black tie ball, instead of getting out there and supporting the people who are suffering because of floods.

“This government needs to step up to the plate and invest in defences and ensure there is real insurance for people whose homes are being ruined by these floods this week.”

Mr Johnson defended his government, saying it had been “getting on in delivering the people’s priorities” while the opposition, he said, was “engaging themselves in narcissistic debate about the Labour Party”.

The Prime Minister said he was “very proud” of the way ministers had been dealing with the ongoing floods.

He said he there had been a “stream of meetings” and that Downing Street had been investing “massively” in flood defences, putting the figure at £2.6 billion.

Mr Corbyn claimed that the Environment Agency had said £5.6 billion is needed to improve flood defences across the country.

This morning there were two severe flood warnings - meaning a risk to life - on the River Severn and a further 102 flood warnings and 146 flood alerts in place across the country.

More wet weather is forecast in some of the worst-affected areas, with parts of Wales and the North West of England predicted to see another 2cm to 4cm of rain, according to the Met Office.

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