Jeremy Corbyn could spring a surprise with anti-establishment pitch, says politics expert

David Hencke believes Corbyn could do better than many predict

Jeremy Corbyn could spring an upset, says David Hencke

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn could upset the odds and really challenge Theresa May, according to political journalist and author David Hencke.

Corbyn is trailling in the polls by a significant margin and many have predicted a comfortable win for the Tories in the forthcoming general election.

But Hencke, who was named Political Journalist of the Year at the British Journalism Awards in 2012, said '"it's not going to be that simple."

He told Johnny Gould that Corbyn could win votes with an anti-establishment pitch, just as UKIP did in last year's referendum.

As evidence, he cited the recent council by-election in Winklebury, which was won by Labour's Angie Freeman - the first time Labour has held a seat in the area in 15 years.

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