Jeremy Corbyn critics are just 'bitter, disgraceful Blairites', says Ken Livingstone

Jeremy Corbyn: 'There will always be a group of embittered Blairites undermining him', says Ken Livingstone

Jeremy Corbyn (Getty)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn will have to deal with "embittered Blairites" as long as he is leader, according to former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

The embattled leader of the Labour Party maintained his position with a sound defeat of Owen Smith's leadership challenge, securing 61.8% of the vote to Smith’s 38.2%. In response to this, several members of the party were pictured cutting up their cards on Twitter. 

While Corbyn is now consolidating his power in the wake of the vote, Livingstone explained how these members of the Labour Party will always be a thorn in his side.

"I think the majority of Labour MPs who didn't support Jeremy will [give him their backing] ," he told Paul Ross. "But there will be this group of embittered old Blairites who carry on undermining him, and that is disgraceful. 

"The Labour party changed nationally under Tony Blair, and Jeremy's about bringing back a democratic party. But the party is riddled with people who came in on the Blair agenda, which was about turning the Labour Party into basically a stamp for corporate interest, big bankers, and the super-rich.

"The whole of the last year has been diverted in fear of the economic policy Jeremy's got, to trivial things about whether he's up to the job and all of this."