Jeremy Corbyn defends Diane Abbott after policing interview meltdown: 'We're not embarrassed'

'Get rid of the biggest idiot in politics' - Twitter calls for Diane Abbott to be sacked

Many have called for Diane Abbott to be sacked

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has defended Diane Abbott after her nightmare interview on Labour's policing plans.

Abbott, the shadow home secretary, said Labour would hire 10,000 officers at a cost of just £300,000, a claim which prompted incredulity from her interviewer and forced her to swiftly backtrack.

However Corbyn, Abbott's long-time ally, has told the BBC he is not embarrassed at all by the interview and highlighted the fact that Abbott subsequently corrected herself on the figures.

Abbott herself has said she "repeated [the figures] correctly in six other interviews", and the media should be focusing on the bigger issue of Britain's policing crisis rather than this interview blip.

However Abbott continues to come under fire from all sides.

Former Labour advisor Kevin Meagher has even called the interview the most excruciating he has ever seen, and Corbyn has been urged to sack Abbott for her gaffe.

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