Jeremy Corbyn doesn't realise how much work he has to do to become Prime Minister, says Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell offered some strong advice for Jeremy Corbyn on talkRADIO

Jeremy Corbyn masterminded Labour's impressive election earlier this year

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn and his entourage don't realise how much work they have ahead of them to beat the Tories, says Alastair Campbell.

Tony Blair's former spin director, who masterminded New Labour's rise to power, was speaking to Sam Delaney after Corbyn's inner circle secured a key change to the Labour leadership voting rules, meaning that future left-wing candidates will require fewer supporters to stand - and thus the Corbynistas can cement their grip on power.

Campbell told Sam Delaney "there's no doubt: he's in charge" - but added that "there's something very defensive" about Corbyn's team focusing on cementing internal power rather than pitching for external support, so soon after their successful election campaign in June.

"Around Jeremy Corbyn there's way too much celebration going on," Campbell said, "as opposed to saying 'well what are the next hard yards you've got to do.'"

At the next election, he added, "there is not going to be the same choice as you had [last time]. You're going to have an older Jeremy Corbyn against a different Tory leader."

Corbyn, Campbell suggested, should really scrutinise the Tories on Brexit and represent the wishes of the young people who voted for him last time out.

"Jeremy Corbyn did, fair play, he got a lot of people to vote for the anti-austerity platform on which he stood. But what do young people really want? They want a future. And what is their future as citizens of the UK if we turn our back on the rest of the world."

Campbell alsod defended Tony Blair for taking such a public role in the Brexit debate, and said that, although "some people will be turned off by him because they hate him so much", he has an important role to play and people should listen to him.

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