Jeremy Corbyn enemies list ridiculed as 'student politics' by former Labour MP Tom Harris

Labour abuse list: 'The question is why on earth were they keeping a list in the first place', says former Labour MP

A list of MPs accused of abusing Corbyn has been released (Getty)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Former MP Tom Harris has questioned why on earth Jeremy Corbyn's team kept a list of internal party opponents.

Harris also expressed concern that Corbyn's backers will deselect hardworking MPs, after a member of the Labour leader's staff released a list of MPs accused of abuse towards him.

The list was sent to the Press Association, and included MPs such as deputy leader Tom Watson. Two MPs have made formal complaints about the list, with one reportedly claiming it amounts to bullying and harassment.

Harris, a former Labour MP, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that this news has overshadowed Corbyn's success in PMQs yesterday

"Importantly he had all the Labour MPs behind him for the first time ever cheering him on," Harris explained. "It's only taken him a year to have a good PMQs.

"So rather than bask in that success, someone in his oh-so-professional office decided that, rather than enjoy good publicity for the first time in a year, they would issue a list.

"The question is why on earth were they keeping a list in the first place. It's just student politics, writ large.

"Jeremy is from a tradition of left-wing politics... [which sees] the Labour Party as an obstacle to achieving true socialism. There's always been this worry that as soon as Corbyn got into play that he would encourage his followers to deselect good hardworking Labour MPs who are successful.. moderate and sensible are now swearwords in the Labour party."

"The Labour Party is doomed to fail under this regime because if the person who is the most successful election winner in your history is the person you also most hate, then you are completely out of step with all of those people who voted for Tony Blair."

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