Jeremy Corbyn faces backlash for promising to introduce bank holiday for Scotland's Patron Saint

Jeremy Corbyn has faced criticism for his latest promise

Jeremy Corbyn probably didn't expect the reaction his latest pledge has received

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has faced a rather heated reaction from voters after he promised to introduce a UK-wide Bank Holiday for St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland.

St Andrew's Day is already a bank holiday in Scotland but Corbyn has promised to extend it across the whole of the UK.

The Labour leader might have thought that the promise of an extra day's bank holiday would be welcomed by the majority of people. But, judging by the comments on Twitter, he might be misinformed.

One respondent suggested that Corbyn was "rambling again and showing his hatred of England" with the promise, adding that there was no pledge to extend St George's Day nationwide.

Several other members of the Twitterati suggested Corbyn was making yet more empty promises to buy off voters in Scotland, while one person even claimed the Labour leader didn't understand the rules of what he could and couldn't offer.

Some supporters have pointed out that the St Andrew's Day pledge was in the Labour manifesto, but that's done little to dampen the ardour of the critics.

Given Corbyn's current popularity, we doubt the Labour leader will mind too much, but the proposal may have cost him a handful of votes among hardened English patriots.

Read some of the responses below: