Jeremy Corbyn fans launch own Grime website with promise of 'secret party' for voters

The website promises a free party for supporters

Jeremy Corbyn supporters have come up with a rather unusual means of winning support

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have launched a Grime website dedicated to the Labour leader - with the promise of a secret party if people sign up to vote.

The website, Grime4Corbyn, is attempting to win young voters by tapping into the culture of Grime - a form of dance music influenced by rap and garage genres. There is no suggestion that the 67-year-old Corbyn has anything to do with the project himself.

The site has been launched only days after Stormzy, one of the high priests of the grime movement, said he was backing Corbyn and Labour in the forthcoming election.

Corbyn continues to trail Theresa May and the Tories in the polls, but the latest vox pops suggest his policies - which include tax hikes on higher earners and the nationalisation of the rail industry - resonate with young people.

The Labour leader launched his manifesto earlier today.

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