Jeremy Corbyn on foreign policy - was the Labour Leader actually wrong?

Jeremy Corbyn on foreign policy - was the Labour Leader wrong?

The leader of the Labour party divided opinion with his speech on foreign policy today

Friday, May 26, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has once again divided opinion with some forthright comments on UK foreign policy.

The Labour leader made the comments as he resumed the party's election campaign in the wake of Monday’s attack in Manchester. Campaigning had been formerly suspended by all major parties until Friday – although UKIP started up again on Thursday – as a mark of respect for the victims of the Manchester Arena atrocity.

In his resumption speech, Corbyn suggested there was a connection between Britain's involvement in overseas conflicts and its exposure to terrorism at home. He called for politicians to be “brave” enough to admit the so-called war on terror isn’t working.

Many have lambasted the speech as an apology for terrorism and a callous piece of victim-blaming. Lib Dem leader Tim Farron even accused him of exploiting the tragedy to make a political point.

However others have praised Corbyn for speaking the truth, and for outlying a plan to defend this country against those who seek to assail it.

But where does the truth lie here? Behind the smoke and mirrors, the bluff and bluster, was Corbyn's speech misguided, or not?

Well, the detail of Corbyn's speech is certainly far more nuanced, and less incendiary, than the screaming headlines make out. The Labour leader says, for example, that an “informed understanding” of the causes of terrorism is “essential” to gather a response to fight it - a point with which it's pretty difficult to argue, no matter your take on Corbyn.

The truth of this is an undeniable fact in principle, whether you love or hate Jeremy Corbyn. How can you fight something you don’t know what causes it? It's a fairly straightforward point to make.

But the sad thing is we already have this informed response – those who follow the methodology and ideology of Islamic State are resolutely opposed to every aspect of what the West takes for granted – from clothing and pop music to football and fast food.

This is the overarching cause – and the truth is we will never understand it because targeting children leaving a pop concert defies understanding.0.