Jeremy Corbyn is a 'genial uncle' and there are no skeletons in his cupboard, says Labour MP

Jeremy Corbyn has ridiculed the reports suggesting he was an informant to a Communist spy

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of providing information to a Communist spy

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The British press has run out of information on Jeremy Corbyn and they have no more historical episodes to dredge up against him.

That's the view of Labour MP Stephen McCabe, who appeared on talkRADIO to play down the claims that Corbyn met a Soviet-backed Czech spy in 1986.

The Sun claims Corbyn passed information to his Czech contact, and even received his own codename. But the Labour leader has rubbished the report, calling it a "false and ridiculous smear," and McCabe echoed this sentiment.

The MP for Selly Oak, told Julia Hartley-Brewer he was surprised the British press are running with this story, suggesting many people met foreign diplomats during this period.

Julia said that Corbyn's track record shows he will "side against Britain and the West at every opportunity," citing his meeting with the IRA in the wake of the Brighton bombing as an example. But McCabe said we've had "the IRA thing over and over."

He added that the British government were also meeting the IRA at the time, and so Corbyn should be spared criticism for his own meeting.

"You can't throw much more at Jeremy Corbyn," McCabe continued. "He was painted as the ogre. He turned out to be the genial uncle."

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