Jeremy Corbyn has led Labour to a historic low, says prominent centrist

Corbyn was elected Labour leader last year

Jeremy Corbyn's party suffered two chastening defeats in recent by-elections

Monday, December 12, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has led Labour to a "historic low" and no-one takes him or his leadership group seriously.

That's according to Conor Pope, deputy editor of centrist Labour website Progress, who spoke to Julia this morning in the wake of new opinion poll figures showing Labour 17 points behind the Tories.

Pope said Labour's decline under Corbyn has been "phenomenal" and said that, while the Labour leader is not the sole source of his party's problems, he's doing nothing to address them.

If Labour are to emerge from their current crisis, Pope said the party must start speaking to people again and rebuild its "historic connection across the country", rather than focusing on peripheral issues.

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