Jeremy Corbyn has no imagination on Brexit, says former Labour MP

Brexit: 'Labour should be boasting about new legislation it could bring in to protect workers'

Former Scottish Labour MP Tom Harris says Labour should be boasting

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn should show some imagination to turn the Brexit situation to his advantage, says former Labour MP Tom Harris.

The party has been facing pressure at its party conference to support free movement after Brexit, as the partly seemingly does still not have a strong view on the matter. Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer has preferred to focus on the Tories' problems than his own, saying that the EU doesn't have faith in Theresa May to uphold her Brexit promises.

Harris, who served as a Labour lawmaker in Scotland for 14 years before losing his seat in 2015, asked Sam Delaney: "Why aren’t they boasting that, with [a future] Labour government, they will make sure that all the regulation we lose as a result of coming out of the EU they will not only reinstate but they'll bring in new forms of legislation, imaginative ways of protecting workers rights?

"When we come out of the EU, why isn’t the Labour party looking at this anew and bringing some imagination and some courage to developing a new public procurement process that protects workers here in Britain?"

He believes that whilst it's good for the Labour Party not to take too much of a strong position on Brexit at the moment, "Labour has got to take a stance. It can’t go on forever riding two horses."

However, he hopes Brexit "turns out to be something that politicians will recognise that it’s more important than party political advantage. This is the future of a country we're talking about."

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