Jeremy Corbyn has two-point lead over Theresa May in latest poll

Poll shows voters prefer Jeremy Corbyn to Theresa May to be Prime Minister

The crisis for Theresa May has deepened in the wake of a new voter survey

Monday, October 9, 2017

Theresa May has taken a fresh blow over the weekend after the results of a new poll were published. 

The poll, conducted for The Independent by a company called BMG Research, gives Jeremy Corbyn a personal rating two points ahead of the embattled Tory leader.

The poll also gives Labour a five-point lad over the Tories.

The news comes just days after May suffered a nightmare in the Tory Party Conference, with her headline speech suffering a series of interruptions including a coughing fit and a collapsing set.

Following the speech disaster on Wednesday (October 4), it emerged that around 30 Tory MPs were plotting to depose May as party leader.

The putative rebellion was led by Grant Shapps, who spoke to talkRADIO on Friday about the "disarray" in the party and suggested May's authority had completely disintegrated.

May has faced a very public challenge from Boris Johnson in recent weeks, leading to a pronounced schism in the party centring on Brexit.