Jeremy Corbyn 'hasn't got a mandate to be useless', says former Blair strategist John McTernan

'He has not got a mandate to be useless' - John McTernan savages Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Getty)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A former senior advisor to Tony Blair laid into Jeremy Corbyn while speaking to James Whale last night. 

John McTernan, director of political operations for the Blair government, said the Labour Party needs to re-organise and suggested its leader will never be the Prime Minister.

"Where do you start [with Labour's problems]?" asked McTernan. "My view is Jeremy Corbyn has not got a mandate to be utterly useless.

"He will never make anything better because he will never be elected to Prime Minister. People don't trust him on the economy, immigration, or defence. 

"The Labour Party isn't finished, because the country needs an opposition. The problem is, we [Labour] have to sort outselves out internally first."

Mr Corbyn has been heavily criticised this week over his approach to the crisis in Aleppo, as has Stop the War coalition, the pacifist campaign group he has long supported. Stop the War organiser Chris Nineham endured a car-crash interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer earlier today.

To listen to John McTernan's interview, click above. To hear Chris Nineham discuss Aleppo, click here.