Jeremy Corbyn hits back at Theresa May and says he expects to win election

Jeremy Corbyn hits back at Theresa May, insists he expects to win election

The Labour Leader gave an interview to The Guardian ahead of the election vote

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he expects to win the upcoming election as he fired back at the Prime Minister for comments she made about him. 

Theresa May has routinely attempted to make the Labour Leader appear soft on extremism and unpatriotic in her campaign, to emphasise why she would be better to lead Britain. 

Notably, she said Corbyn would be "alone and naked" in the Brexit negotiations, and said her hard-left counterpart "doesn't believe in Britain." 

In an interview with The Guardian, the Labour leader blasted this as "utterly ridiculous", calling her claims of his lack of patriotism "offensive."

Despite her comments, Corbyn refused to denigrate to personal insults, and insisted he can still win the election.

When asked if he would win, the Labour Leader replied "yes" without hesitation.

The election is entering its endgame, with the country going to the polls on June 8.