Jeremy Corbyn: 'I wonder what planet Theresa May is on?'

Jeremy Corbyn hammered Theresa May during PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn hammered Theresa May during PMQs

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn tore into Theresa May at the start of Prime Minister's questions, saying "I wonder what planet the Prime Minister is on."

The attack pertained to the rollout of universal credit, one of the Tories' flagship policy inititatives.

The policy will roll a number of existing benefits, including housing benefits, child tax credits and income support, into a single monthly payment.

Corbyn pointed out that the Citizens Advice Bureau has described universal credit as "a disaster waiting to happen" which will increase debt and rent arrears.

He continued by asking May to "wake up to reality and halt this process."

May responded by saying she had listened to concerns, and this had led to changes in the universal credit system.

There was even time for the Prime Minister to chide Labour for their aggressive approach.

Watch the exchange below: