Jeremy Corbyn illegal vote claims to be probed by Electoral Commission

Electoral Commission investigates people voting twice in general election as fears grow over students illegally voting for Jeremy Corbyn

Some believe students may have voted twice for Labour

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Electoral Comission is investigating claims that some people cast more than one vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the general election.

It is claimed that some students may have voted twice to support Labour, as they can be registered in two locations, although are only allowed to vote in one.

According to the commission it has recieved 38 letters from MPs about the extra votes as well as more than 1,000 emails from others.

The Electoral Comission is working alongside the police to investigate the allegations, according to Sky News. No evidence has yet been found and there is no suggestion that Corbyn or his team was involved in any wrongdoing.

The watchdog has called for the Government to urgently look at ways of stopping people from applying to vote more than once.

It also says the Government should review rules to ensure there is less chance of them being abused.

The commission has suggested a system which would allow people to check if they are already registered and beginning an automatic registration scheme.

The Electoral Commission has said: "Although people may lawfully be registered to vote in more than one place in certain circumstances, it is troubling that some voters appear to have admitted voting more than once at the General Election, which is an offence."

Registration officers have said the amount of applications they recieved from people who were already registered was high, between 30% to 70% across the country.