Jeremy Corbyn is inviting annihilation from Kim Jong-un, says former MoD director-general

'Labour can’t be trusted with the protection of the UK and it's strategically illiterate', says Chris Parry

Jeremy Corbyn said he wouldn't use nuclear weapons

Monday, April 24, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn's policy on nuclear weapons invites annihilation from belligerent countries such as North Korea, according to a former director-general at the Ministry of Defence.

Rear admiral Chris Parry also attacked Corbyn for "thinking you can sit down and have a nice chat" with the leader of Islamic State, and said Labour can't be trusted with the protection of this country.

Parry spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer after Corbyn said he wouldn't proactively use the UK's nuclear deterrent, nor would he necessarily back a drone strike to kill the leader of Isis.

The military veteran said Labour are "strategically illiterate" on defence, adding that "to say we would only respond to a first strike is to invite annihilation.

"What Jeremy Corbyn seems to be saying is 'we'll let Kim Jong-un, when he gets his missiles, attack us first, and then we'll have a think about it.'"

He also suggested the Labour leader's stance on Isis is akin to the Allies trying to sit down for a chat with Adolf Hitler in 1944, rather than finishing the Nazis off. 

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