Jeremy Corbyn: 'Just weeks away' from Labour government

Monday, October 14, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn has claimed the UK could be “just weeks away” from another state opening of Parliament - but next time under a Labour government - as he criticised Boris Johnson’s first Queen’s speech.

The opposition leader told the House of Commons: “There has never been such a farce as a government with a majority of minus 45 and a 100 per cent record of defeat in the House of Commons setting out a legislative agenda they know cannot be delivered in this Parliament.”

He called on Boris Johnson to “get an extension, take us away from the dangers of no-deal” before having a general election.

He added: "We may only be just weeks away from the first Queen's speech of a Labour government.

“In that Queen's speech, Labour will put forward the most radical and people-focused programme in modern times; a once-in-a-generation chance to rebuild and transform our country.”

Mr Corbyn vowed to “let the people decide on Brexit”, and “build an economy that works for all”.

His promises were met with cheers and jeers across the chamber.

The Prime Minister defended his policies outlined in the state opening of Parliament, saying “this government exists to serve the British people and this Queen’s speech delivers on their priorities.”

Mr Johnson went on to attack Mr Corbyn across the dispatch box for being “unable to decide” on a Brexit stance, saying “his policy on cake is neither having it nor eating it”.

He added: "First he was opposed to no-deal, now he seems to be opposed to any deal.

"First he was in favour of delivering Brexit, now he wants a second referendum.

"First he wanted an election, actually he wanted an election for quite a long time, now he'd much rather not."

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