Jeremy Corbyn launches Labour manifesto - and calls out Theresa May again

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has launched Labour's election manifesto this morning - and called out Prime Minister Theresa May once again.

The document differs little from the draft manifesto, which was leaked last week. Headline policies including renationalisation of the railways and parts of the energy sector, abolition of tuition fees and a move towards universal free childcare.

Turning to Brexit, the manifesto says Labour would also protect access to the single market, while saying international students wouldn't be included in immigration figures.

Launching the manifesto in Bradford, Corbyn repeated his call for May to take part in a live debate - echoing his ambush of the Prime Minister in her Facebook Q&A yesterday.

Corbyn urged May to "come out of hiding and have a debate," although he said the exchange would be "polite and respectful."

The veteran left-winger also said he wished to transform the 21st century just as former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson transformed the 1960s.