'Jeremy Corbyn needs to keep enthusiasm bubbling but won't be Prime Minister in a year'

'Jeremy Corbyn needs to keep enthusiasm bubbling but won't be Prime Minister in a year'

Jeremy Corbyn thinks another general election will be called

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn must keep enthusiasm for the left bubbling, but there's little chance he'll become Prime Minister in the next 12 months due to Brexit, according to a Labour blogger.

The Labour leader has claimed he will probably become the Prime Minister within the next 12 months, as he predicts another general election will be called. He made the comments during an interview with Grazia.

Peter Edwards, the editor of blog LabourList, told Mike Graham and Carole Malone: "The challenge for Corbyn now is on the one hand to keep all the enthusiasm on the left bubbling up, all that campaigning energy ready.

"But on the other had play the politics when frankly there's very little chance of a general election next year when frankly we’ll get through Brexit first."

He believes "he's doing a much better job than he was I think he’s been on an upward curve" but "I’d be wary of saying he’s peaked or on the way down because of course it depends who he's up against."

When asked about anti-Semitism, he claimed "anyone guilty of anti-Semitism deserves a life ban."

But when Carole questioned him about the case of Naz Shah, who returned to the party after just a few months after being suspended for anti-semitic comments, he said "in her defence that she gave an immediate and very full apology and did a lot of remedial measures.

"I don’t think she can be put in quite a bracket as someone like Ken Livingstone."

Edwards also added: "We still have lots of talented backbenchers who aren't in shadow ministerial positions so I’d like [Corbyn] to draw upon the entire talent in the party.

"I hope when Corbyn retires there’s a couple of very strong female candidates on the final shortlist."

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