Jeremy Corbyn pledges to make pollution crackdown 'a national priority' after damning report

Corbyn has previously spoken out against fracking

Jeremy Corbyn is known for his strong position on environmentalism

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has spoken out about pollution this morning, saying Britain's air is being "dangerously and illegally polluted."

Corbyn's message on social media came in response to a new report showing nearly two-thirds of British youngsters are living in areas with illegal levels of air pollution.

Analysis by the Labour Party, based on figures from the House of Commons Library, showed that around 8.3 million people under the age of 18 were living in local authority areas where levels of nitrogen dioxide exceeded legal limits two years ago.

In response, Corbyn, a committed environmentalist who has opposed fracking and backed the creation of a Green Investment Bank, wrote on Twitter: "Millions of our young people are breathing air that is dangerously and illegally polluted.

"The next Labour government will ensure that cleaning up our environment is a national priority."

Illegal levels of air pollution kill an estimated 40,000 people prematurely in the UK every year, but the Government has been criticised for its perceived indifference on the issue.

Neil Parish, co-chair of a parliamentary inquiry into air quality, recently told ministers: “We are not getting any clear message here about what you are doing about it.

“The Government is being dragged all the time screaming to put poor air quality right.”