Jeremy Corbyn praised for beating 'dreadful' Theresa May on Brexit at PMQs

'Thorny questions on current issues' - Twitter praises Jeremy Corbyn for his performance at PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has been widely praised for his performance at Prime Minister's Questions today, with some of Britain's foremost political commentators queuing up to herald his grilling of Theresa May.

The Labour leader used the session to press Mrs May on her plans for Brexit. Although she gave little away, her performance was roundly criticised, with journalists calling her "inept" and "dreadful."

Mr Corbyn, who has been heavily criticised for his perceived ineffectiveness at PMQs, spoke about the leaked Brexit memo and Boris Johnson's comments on Brexit negotiations.

The criticism provides just the latest unwelcome headlines for Mrs May during a difficult week, following the leaked memo which suggested the Government does not have a coherent plan in place for Brexit.

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