Jeremy Corbyn says 'ridiculous' Premier League footballer wages should be capped

Corbyn says footballers' wages need to be capped

Jeremy Corbyn says footballers' wages have spiralled out of control

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has demanded an earnings limit for the highest-paid individuals, such as footballers and bankers.

The Labour leader, speaking this morning, also described the earnings of some footballers and top executives as "ridiculous".

Premier League stars such as Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, who earns a reported £290,000 a week, have come under heavy criticism for their huge salaries. 

However the call for a wage cap may prove controversial with fans of top Premier League clubs such as United and Arsenal, who Corbyn himself supports.

Speaking on Radio 4's Today programme, Corbyn said: “I would like there to be some kind of high earnings cap, quite honestly.

“I can’t put a figure on it and I don’t want to at the moment. The point I’m trying to make is that we have the worst levels of income disparity of most of the OECD countries.

“It is getting worse. And corporate taxation is a part of it. If we want to live in a more egalitarian society, and fund our public services, we cannot go on creating worse levels of inequality.”

Corbyn's popularity has plummeted in recent weeks, leading to reports that he is ready to adopt the sort of aggressive media strategy that propelled Donald Trump to power in the United States.