Jeremy Corbyn sees Labour power-base grow as Jon Lansman leads left-wing NEC election triumph

Jon Lansman was one of those elected

Jon Lansman was one of those elected

Monday, January 15, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn's grip on Labour has tightened after three hard-left candidates, including the founder of Momentum, secured election to the party's ruling National Executive Committee.

Jon Lansman, Rachel Garnham and Yasmine Dar won the three new NEC seats, having emerged with the highest support in an election which featured nine candidates, including comedian Eddie Izzard, and saw over 300,000 votes cast.

The three candidates elected will have a major say on the future direction of the party and Corbyn will now have a comfortable majority on Labour's ruling council. 

Dar, a social worker from Manchester, received the most votes, with over 68,000 people casting their ballot in her favour.

Lansman received 65,000 votes and Garnham, a long-time party activist, 63,000. Izzard finished a distant fourth in the voting, receiving 39,500.

The three new positions were created in response to a surge in party membership, after thousands of Corbyn supporters joined the party in the wake of his election as leader three years ago.

It has been suggested that Corbyn and Momentum could now push for the deselection of more moderate MPs, although allies of the Labour leader have always denied this intention.

According to The Guardian, a review of internal party democracy is to consider whether all MPs should face a mandatory re-selection process, triggered by party members.

Lansman, who founded Momentum in the wake of Corbyn's 2015 election, said: "The election of Yasmine, Rachel and I shows there is hunger among party members for a new, social movement style party that is capable of transforming Britain at every level...this means energising and empowering members to win the next general election."