Jeremy Corbyn should have been 'prepared to sack' Sarah Champion, says Men's Aid charity

Jeremy Corbyn should have been 'prepared to sack' Sarah Champion, says Men's Aid charity

Men's Aid believe Jeremy Corbyn should have sacked Sarah Champion (Getty)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn should have been prepared to sack the shadow minister in charge of domestic violence after she was arrested by police over assault allegations.

That's according to a representative of charity Men's Aid, who was speaking to talkRADIO after Sarah Champion was detained by police after a fight with her husband over their divorce. Both Champion and her husband were cautioned by police.

It has been reported that a friend of Champion's husband claimed he has nightmares about the MP, who is the Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse and Domestic Violence, and suggested it wasn't the first time she had hit him. 

Champion has claimed she was provoked for years and this was the result of months of tension. However Brian Hitchcock, the secretary of Men's Aid, which campaigns against domestic abuse, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that he is shocked she is still in the role. 

"I don't think [her position is] tenable and I was also shocked and dismayed that Jeremy Corbyn saw fit to offer his warm and continuing support, that he's not prepared to sack her.

"Jeremy Corbyn has made no expression about his sympathy for millions of victims whether they're men, women or children.

"How can she be a perpetrator of domestic violence and yet formulate policy for the Labour party?" he wondered. "She should come to her job with her hands clean.

"She's got her side of the story, she says I'm provoked, the defence of provocation doesn't stand up in British law," he added. "She had a choice of whether she should hit her husband or not."

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