Jeremy Corbyn should walk the walk and cut his own salary, says Labour MP John Mann

'A pay cap of under £100,000 would be good for the Labour Party,' says John Mann MP

Jeremy Corbyn will deliver his first major speech of 2017 today

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

John Mann MP has backed Jeremy Corbyn's idea of wage caps and says it would be great for the Labour Party if its leader proposed a limit on lawmakers' salaries - including his own.

Speaking after Corbyn made a high-profile call to curb the earnings of the highest-paid, Mann told Julia Hartley-Brewer "I think a pay cap of under £100,000 would be good for the Labour Party.

"Jeremy Corbyn would be seen to be taking a lead in terms of social justice. It would be very good politics. We can impose this overnight."

Corbyn earns a reported salary of around £130,000, and Mann believes his credibility would increase if he were to take a cut himself. 

"Jeremy would be taking a hit in the pocket, but this would make him more popular because he’d be walking the walk," the interviewee told Julia.

However Mann said he wasn't in favour of a wage cap for the rest of the country, saying "we shouldn’t discriminate in favour of the landed classes."

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