Jeremy Corbyn Sinn Fein hire 'gives Tories the perfect chance to destroy Labour'

Jeremy Corbyn has been roundly criticised for hiring Jayne Fisher

Jeremy Corbyn has hired Jayne Fisher to work on his communications team

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Former Labour MP Tom Harris has condemned Jeremy Corbyn's hiring of a former Sinn Fein staffer, and said the Conservatives will already be "putting the finishing touches to a campaign during the General Election that will destroy the Labour Party."

Corbyn has hired Jayne Fisher, the former head of Sinn Fein's London office, with reports suggesting she will head up Labour's stakeholder communications team.

Sinn Fein is a staunchly pro-republican Northern Irish political party. During the 1970s and 1980s it was widely regarded as the political wing of the Irish Republican Army, or IRA, a militant group which carried out several major bombings in British and Irish cities to pursue its goal of a united Ireland.

Harris told Julia Hartley-Brewer that the Tories will now be able to highlight the fact that Corbyn sat on the editorial board of Labour Briefing in 1984, when the magazine produced an inflammatory editorial following the IRA's bombing of the Conservative Party Conference. The editorial sympathised with the IRA and said "the British only sit up and take notice when they are bombed into it."

Harris also said Corbyn was "incredibly arrogant to believe appointing someone from Sinn Fein is accepable" and people will now "be reminded once again that this is a man unfit to be a Member of Parliament, let alone leader of a big party."

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