Jeremy Corbyn is 'socialist to his entrails', says Peta Credlin

Peta Credlin

Friday, January 11, 2019

The ex-chief of staff to former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said having Jeremy Corbyn in power "would be diabolical".

Peta Credlin made the comments on the breakfast show with Julia Hartley-Brewer, adding that the Labour leader was "socialist to his entrails".

When asked by Hartley-Brewer if she thought Corbyn could replace Theresa May at the helm, Ms Credlin replied: "I think he would be appalling. He's the most socialist leader - truly socialist to his entrails - we've seen in a very long time.



"On the Labour benches there are still Blairite types who you would hope would bring some common sense and balance back to the Labour party. Corbyn as a leader would be diabolical."

The political commentator added that the UK needed a Prime Minister with "backbone again", but refused to name a politician she thought worthy of the role.


'The sun will still come up'

"I'm not going to give advice from a long, long way away," she said. "But all the usual names you talk about here are thrown up in Australia."

Ms Credlin added that the government needed to "get on with Brexit", and that the UK would "get to the other side of it" unscathed.

"The trains will still run on time, or near enough to time, the sun will still come up and go down at night, all of these things will still happen." she said.