Jeremy Corbyn success will lead to skirmishes within Labour, says party's former advisor

Corbyn has enjoyed a meteoric rise in recent weeks

Jeremy Corbyn has surged into the lead in the latest polls

Friday, July 7, 2017

A former Labour advisor says Jeremy Corbyn's success will actually lead to "skirmishes" within the party as Corbynistas see their moment to seize control.

Kevin Meagher, who served as special advisor to Northern Ireland secretary Shaun Woodward in Gordon Brown's government, added that, while things look bleak for the Tories at the moment, it would be stupid to write them off.

Meagher, who now edits the blog Labour Uncut, talked to Julia Hartley-Brewer after new figures showed Jeremy Corbyn has built a substantial lead in the opinion polls.

He said that, after Theresa May "crawled back into Downing Street," the Tories will now be forced to "hunker down."

"It'll focus minds," Meagher said. "It'll tell them 'we can't afford to oust Theresa May, we can't afford to be back-sniping, we can't afford fall-outs amongst ourselves."

In contrast, he said, "there'll be skirmishes" in the Labour Party, as Corbyn supporters seek to "reshape the party in their own image."

Although many people are predicting that Labour will be in power sooner rather than later, Meagher said "the one immutable law of British politics is never, ever write off the Tory party."