Jeremy Corbyn supporters hold rally demanding emergency budget for the NHS

Jeremy Corbyn supporters are demanding an emergency budget to save the NHS

Jeremy Corbyn supporters are demanding an emergency budget to save the NHS

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have held a rally in Westminster, demanding an emergency budget to save the NHS.

The rally, which was organised by Labour and backed by left-wing pressure group Momentum, was attended by Corbyn and shadow health secretary John Ashworth, as well as a number of junior doctors and nurses.

The demonstration, which took place last night (January 25), echoed John McDonnell's demands for an emergency budget, after the shadow chancellor gave a lengthy interview on Sunday.

McDonnell told The Mirror that, if he was chancellor, he would immediately unveil an extraordinary budget to raise £5.1 million for the NHS, in the hope of ending the recent winter crisis.

The money, he said, would come from a hike in income tax for the top 5% of earners. Income tax would rise to 45p for those earning over £80,000 a year, and to 50p to those taking home an annual salary of £123,000.

In addition, Labour would increase insurance premium tax on private healthcare to 20%, bringing it into line with the VAT rate.

McDonnell told The Mirror: “Families are in distress and NHS staff working longer hours are at their wits’ end.

"The cause is lack of funding. People realise we need to pay more for our NHS but it has to be done in a fair way.

“We would ask those who earn the most to give a little more.”

Latest figures reveal the NHS remains in the grip of a major crisis as Britain enters the latter stages of winter.

A report by The Guardian, published today, showed that A&E units had to send patients to other hospitals 20 times last week, and a total of 11,000 patients were left with ambulance crews for at least half an hour because there was no space for them in the hospital itself.

The cris has been exacerbated a sharp rise in cases of norovirus, further limiting bed space.