Jeremy Corbyn supporters slam Daily Mail after article about Momentum recruitment drive

Momentum was founded to support Jeremy Corbyn

Momentum was set up to support Jeremy Corbyn, seen here speaking at one of the group's rallies

Monday, October 23, 2017

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have hit back at the Daily Mail on Twitter after the newspaper published an article about left-wing campaign group Momentum.

The pressure group, set up to consolidate Corbyn's victory in the Labour leadership election in 2015, has issued a job advert for new activists. Successful applicants will be paid £25,000 a year to promote Corbyn's agenda and oppose the Tories.

The Mail wrote a story about the advert, with author John Stevens touting it as an "exclusive" and claiming that Momerntum is now "on a permanent war footing to oust Tory MPs."

The tweet has already received a flurry of replies, mixing sarcasm with anger.

Some pointed out to Stevens that it is perfectly normal for political parties to have employees, with one saying the article "isn't news."

Others said the Mail was "dim" and suggested that the Mail is desperate to find flaws with Momentum and its activities.

Read some of the responses below.