Jeremy Corbyn takes lead in talkRADIO Brexit poll

Jeremy Corbyn has a 10 point lead

Thursday, August 22, 2019

A talkRADIO poll that asked listeners to choose between a Jeremy Corbyn government or a hard Brexit has provoked a fierce response.

After more than 27,600 votes, 55 per cent of respondents say they would prefer Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn, while 45 per cent favour a hard Brexit.

The poll on talkRADIO's Facebook page has generated over 1,200 comments and been shared around the same number of times.

The We Demand UK group that is campaigning to Remain has urged its followers to vote on the poll because “Brexiteers are clawing this poll back”.

Brexit group We Are The 17.4 Million said: “Don't like sharing polls but I don't want Corbyn to win anything.”

Fellow Brexit supporters Leavers of Wakefield asked “how is it possible Jeremy Corbyn is ahead in this poll?”

The poll remains open until Tuesday August 27. Have your say here.

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