Jeremy Corbyn tells Donald Trump: 'Let's drink tea together, not build walls'

UK mosques welcome visitors as Jeremy Corbyn sends a message to Donald Trump

The Labour leader spoke at an open day held at a mosque on Sunday

Monday, February 6, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has sent Donald Trump a defiant but conciliatory message as mosques around the UK opened their doors to visitors of other faiths on Sunday.

The Labour leader was speaking at a mosque in London's Finsbury Park after a federal judge dismissed the executive appeal to restore the controversial travel ban which prevented citizens from seven majority-muslim countries from coming to the US.

The mosque he spoke at was one out of the 150 in the UK to conduct tours for non-Muslim people. 

In the speech, which he called a "gentle message" to the President, he argued against the "demonisation" of Muslims and praised the hundreds of visitors on the open day for supporting "an inclusive society."

He insisted that drinking tea together was a much more effective manner to foster positive relationships that "building walls to keep each other apart", in a poignant message to the president. 

Mr Trump has recently lambasted the judges who blocked the appeal, saying the blame was on them if "anything bad happens" in the wake of his order being blocked.