Jeremy Corbyn tells EU leaders he will hold 'alternative Brexit summit'

Jeremy Corbyn seen speaking earlier this year (Getty)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has invited European leaders to take part in an alternative summit on Brexit.

As Theresa May arrives in Brussels for her first EU summit as prime minister, Mr Corbyn has said he wants to hold an altogether different gathering, which will be characterised by "a helpful diplomatic approach where we don’t heckle or lecture each other."

Mr Corbyn also said his conference would offer "a way of explaining there’s a way forward in Europe.”

It is unclear what sort of Brexit Mr Corbyn has in mind, although he earlier tweeted that Labour "will work to protect jobs and workers' rights" and described Tory Brexit plans as "chaotic."

The veteran left-winger was heavily criticised during the EU referendum campaign over the summer, with David Cameron suggested he put little effort into campaigning for the Remain side.

It was also suggested that Mr Corbyn actually voted Leave when Britain went to the polls on June 23, although he denied this.