Jeremy Corbyn: Theresa May’s deal will leave the UK in the ‘worst of all worlds’

Theresa May’s deal will leave the UK in the ‘worst of all worlds’, claims Jeremy Corbyn

Monday, November 26, 2018

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has claimed that the Prime Minister’s EU Withdrawal Agreement would leave the UK in the “worst of all worlds”.

Mr Corbyn told the House of Commons: "The botched deal is a bad deal for this country, and all yesterday did was mark the end of this Government's failed and miserable negotiations.

"There can be no doubt that this deal would leave us with the worst of all worlds: no say over future rules and no certainty for the future."

He added: "The Prime Minister may want to try and sell yesterday's summit as a great success, but to borrow a phrase, the reality is 'nothing has changed'.

"The Prime Minister says if we reject this deal it will take us back to square one. The truth is under this Government we've never got beyond square one."


'Ploughing on is not stoic' 

Mr Corbyn warned that under the deal the UK would have to "agree to demands on waters and quota shares" to get a future trade deal or extend the transition.

The Labour leader also claimed that deal opened the door for Spain to have "a role over Gibraltar".

He said: "It's not in the national interest for the Prime Minister to plough on when it's clear this deal does not have the support of either side of this House or the country as a whole.

"Ploughing on is not stoic, it's an act of national self harm, instead of threatening this House with a no deal scenario of a no Brexit scenario the Prime Minister now needs to prepare a plan B."

Mr Corbyn outlined that Labour's plan would be to negotiate a "comprehensive customs union" and "strong single market" deal.

He added: "This deal is not a plan for Britain's future, so for the good of the nation the House has very little choice but to reject this deal."

Mrs May responded saying that the British people wanted control of "our borders, they want an end to free movement and this deal delivers it".

Referencing Mr Corbyn's warnings over fishing and Gibraltar, she said: "It's important to recall that if we were in the backstop we would be outside the Common Fisheries Policy and we would be deciding who has access to fish in our waters.

"He mentioned Gibraltar, I quoted the chief minister of Gibraltar who made very clear, as I did, that this Government stood by Gibraltar and we resisted changes to the Withdrawal Agreement which the Spanish government wished to make."