Jeremy Corbyn is too decent to purge his Labour opponents, says George Galloway

'Jeremy Corbyn won't do anything about MPs who are against him as he's not in the position to do so', says George Galloway

George Galloway says Corbyn is trying to be reasonable and logical

Monday, July 3, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn won't purge his Labour opponents as he's not in a position to do so - and, even if he was, he wouldn't do anything.

That's according to George Galloway, who told his weekly talkRADIO show that Corbyn is too "reasonable" to weed out those who oppose him.

When asked by a caller what Corbyn is going to do about the dissenters, Galloway answered: "A better question [to ask now] is what are they going to do because Corbyn isn’t going to do anything.

"He’s not in a position to do anything, believe it or not, even after that heroic election campaign he ran.

"He’s not yet at least in a position to do it, and even if he were in a position to do it, my own view of him - and I’ve known him for nearly 40 years - is that he would not [purge his opponents].

"He still clings to the idea that by being reasonable and logical and fraternal towards these people that he can control events. It’s not an option I myself would follow."

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