Jeremy Corbyn 'traded honours for favours' over Chakrabarti antisemitism inquiry, says former Labour peer

Jeremy Corbyn accused of a stitch-up over Shami Chakrabarti peerage

Shami Chakrabarti

Friday, October 28, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by a Jewish former Labour peer of "trading honours for favours" during the party's anti-semitism inquiry and of perpetrating "a massive stitch-up" with its author Shami Chakrabarti.

Lord Mitchell, who quit the party to become an independent peer in protest at Corbyn's re-election, made the claim while speaking in a parliamentary debate on anti-semitism.

He described Chakrabarti's report as "anaemic" and suggested that her rapid ascent to a peerage and a place in Labour's shadow cabinet was a form of payment in lieu for her work on the inquiry.

The businessman, who was made a peer by Tony Blair in 2000, claimed that Mr Corbyn asked the Labour Party to pay Chakrabarti to conduct her inquiry. When his request was turned down, Mitchell said, the Labour leader told the party the money would not be necessary anyway, because Chakrabarti was due to become a Labour peer.

A spokesperson for the Labour party told talkRADIO: “The allegation you have described is untrue. Funding for the inquiry was never an issue.

"As a supporter and member of the Labour Party, Shami Chakrabarti wanted to strengthen the party’s policies and procedures relating to how it deals with antisemitism and other forms of racism.”