Jeremy Corbyn vow to win election 'encouraging' says critic John Mann

Jeremy Corbyn re-election: John Mann reserving judgement

Jeremy Corbyn triumphed over the leadership challenge brought on by Owen Smith

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn's pledge to win elections at the Labour party conference was "encouraging", according to one of his fiercest critics.

Mr Corbyn has been widely criticised for the perception that he is more interested in pursuing particular hobby-horses than winning a general election. However this week, speaking at conference following his victory in the Labour leadership contest, he pledged to take on the Conservatives and earn victory at Westminster.

John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, told talkRADIO "this was the most encouraging thing - Jeremy suprised the more vociferous supporters by saying we've got to win elections."

However Mann also suggested he was reserving judgement about his party's leader.

"It's easy enough to get big cheers for speaking to the faithful - what you have to do to win elections is connect with people who voted for other parties.

"The job of opposition is to make sure the government doesn't mess it up. We've got to bear that in mind."