Jeremy Corbyn vows ‘green industrial revolution’

The Labour leader pledged to install more solar panels

Friday, August 16, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to reverse the government’s “failed approach” to tackling climate change if he becomes Prime Minister.

The Labour leader said a “green industrial revolution” would create hundreds of thousands of jobs and save households money on their energy bills.

“Labour's Green Industrial Revolution will benefit working class people by cutting energy bills, creating good jobs in new, green industries and fighting the climate emergency,” he said.

“Social justice and climate justice are inseparable. Labour will tackle inequality and environmental destruction together”.

He said a Labour government would install more solar panels, insulate homes, expand solar and wind energy and bring the National Grid into public ownership.

Mr Corbyn levelled particular criticism on the government’s decision six years ago to cancel the Warm Front insulation programme.

He said it was a “disaster” that damaged the environment and “cost millions of people hundreds of pounds”.

Labour has pointed to House of Commons Library data that showed the cancellation cost the planet an extra 14.6 million tonnes of CO2 within the first four years, and households an extra £3.7 billion in energy bills.

A spokesman for fuel poverty charity National Energy Action, Peter Smith, said since Warm Front was scrapped the number of insulation installations has “fallen off a cliff”.

“Improving energy efficiency in fuel poor homes saves money, carbon and lives,” he said.

Both Labour and the Conservatives have been making election-style promises ahead of predictions of an early election.

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