Jeremy Corbyn 'wants to copy Donald Trump with bullish media attacks'

Jeremy Corbyn to adopt 'Trump-style' media tactics

Jeremy Corbyn is floundering in the polls and reportedly ready to go on the attack

Monday, January 9, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn is to reportedly adopt the ebullient media tactics of Donald Trump to turn his sluggish poll ratings around. claims to have been told by a senior party official that the Labour leader's inner circle - unsettled by the slump in support for the party - have agreed to draw inspiration from the US President-elect's aggressive style against news outlets.

Corbyn's advisors reportedly believe that the belligerent approach taken by Mr Trump - who has repeatedly blasted the "dishonest media" for what he considers its biased political coverage - can win the support of voters who are sceptical of journalists.

The Labour leader, who has been blighted by repeated criticism over his leadership style, has given testy media interviews before but is not known for his belligerent or confrontational leadership style.

The latest figures show that Corbyn is floundering in the polls, prompting the reported rethink from his inner sanctum.