Jeremy Corbyn: What Len McCluskey said was perfectly accurate, says Paul Flynn MP

Jeremy Corbyn: 'What Len McCluskey said was perfectly accurate', says Paul Flynn MP

Jeremy Corbyn at the Labour Party Conference

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Paul Flynn MP has defended Len McCluskey over comments made about Jeremy Corbyn's 2020 election chances.

After a left-wing thinktank said it was "unthinkable" that Labour will win a majority in the 2020 general election, McCluskey, leader of the Unite union and a prominent supporter of Corbyn, said the party leader might consider stepping down if there was no realistic chance of victory.

However McCluskey subsequently retracted his comments and reaffirmed his support for Corbyn.

Flynn, the Labour MP for Newport West, told James Whale: "I thought what Len McCluskey had to say was perfectly accurate.

"If the support says the party has greater popularity than the leader, then the leader must go. Ed Miliband didn't go, he was in that position, so was Gordon Brown."

However the lawmaker continued by praising the Labour leader, saying "I know what his [Jeremy Corbyn's] best interests are. It's not getting a knighthood or office for himself, it's to work for the labour party and his causes. 

"If he finds that he himself is an impediment to that, he'll go, it's absolutely guaranteed."